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Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework that helps organisations calculate the total value generated for every Ringgit (RM) invested in a particular social initiative. SROI captures social value by translating outcomes into financial value.

Why is SROI important?

SROI describes how change is being created by measuring social, environmental and economic outcomes, using monetary values to represent them. This analysis enables organisations to calculate a cost-benefit ratio

The results of an SROI calculation communicates the social value a project creates. It provides guidance for strategic discussions and helps companies assess and increase the social value a sustainability activity creates or the potential to create a social value.

There are six stages involved in SROI analysis:


Six stages of SROI analysis

Our Vision

vision - A sustainable Malaysia A sustainable Malaysia
We envisage a world in which government, businesses and civil society work together seamlessly towards a sustainable future.

Vision - Ace personalised serviceAce personalised service
To disclose all sustainability initiatives in the most positive, honest and meaningful manner.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with superior bespoke sustainability services that:

  • Improve their corporate reputations
  • Meet the expectations of all stakeholders
  • Improve access to capital and other funding
  • Improve operational efficiency and help reduce wastage

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