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Material sustainability matters for each organisation are likely to differ depending on factors such as business model and strategy, types of stakeholders, industry group and the nature of the company. We help companies to conduct a detailed materiality assessment to determine criteria which is significant and substantive to the company. The study covers your company’s internal sources and external sources such as local and international sustainability standards. This result of this study is very useful for companies to understand the severity and level of importance each criterion is to its stakeholders and to the company.

Social Return on Investment

We develop proven tools which use impact measurement methodology such as the Social Return on Investment (SROI) process. Using this approach, we help our clients position themselves to develop projects and programmes which provide economic, social and environmental value. SROI is a methodology that identifies projects that will best accomplish your goals of optimising the total value of your project.

Gap Analysis & Benchmarking

Sustainability gap analysis is a collaborative process. We help you examine how your company, organisation or project is performing against a set framework as well as local and international frameworks. This will help you find out where you are doing well and areas for improvement.

Sustainability Strategy & Analysis

We will guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process of defining and executing q sustainability strategy. Our sustainability strategy and analysis services help your organisation:


  • Understand sustainability, its importance and how to strategically benefit from it
  • Define the scope of the sustainability strategy and set clear goals and objectives
  • Develop a corporate sustainability framework

Sustainability Statement & Report Writing

We produce sustainability statements and sustainability reports using local and international guidelines as references. We ensure that information relevant to our clients’ Economic, Environmental and Social (EES) risks and opportunities are reflected in their sustainability disclosure. Our sustainability disclosure goes beyond mere reporting. We always aim to translate our clients’ sustainability performance into value using quantifiable indicators and compare it with the industry and over time.

Sustainability statement and sustainability report writing form the bulk of our commissioned work. We take charge of the entire reporting process from information gathering, interviews and data collection, report drafting and final proofreading. We also manage the verification process and coordinate GRI checks if required.



Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction is the level of contentment an individual feels toward their job. It is a facet of employment that is seldom discussed, but is a very important element in any workplace. Given this, we conduct satisfaction surveys which gather hard data on employee effective and cognitive satisfaction. Then, we use our analysis tools to determine to root causes of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction that are specific to your organisation.

English copywriting

We take pride in providing distinctive copywriting services which is conducted by a professional native English speaker. From press material to website copy to newsletters, speeches, business plans and other online as well as offline materials, we can write to multiple briefs, tone of voice guidelines and levels of technicality.

Stakeholder Perception Surveys

We conduct stakeholders’ perception survey with identified stakeholders to gather their feedback on areas which are jointly identified by your and Ace CSR. The survey is a useful tool in obtaining information for your company’s future direction. Analysing the results of this survey will:

  • Provide recommendations that close gaps between what is said and what is actually practiced
  • Highlight differences between management and stakeholders
  • Provide an opportunity to connect and interact with stakeholders
  • Serve as internal benchmarks
  • Determine whether current programmes are successful and identify areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate that management cares about stakeholders’ opinions and views

Our Location


We are headquatered in Kuala Lumpur to serve our clients effectively. However, we cover Malaysia and overseas as and when required.

Our Vision

visionA sustainable Malaysia
We envisage a world in which government, businesses and civil society work together seamlessly towards a sustainable future.

visionAce personalised service
To disclose all sustainability initiatives in the most positive, honest and meaningful manner.

Our Mission


To provide our clients with superior bespoke sustainability services that:

  • Improve their corporate reputations
  • Meet the expectations of all stakeholders
  • Improve access to capital and other funding
  • Improve operational efficiency and help reduce wastage